Google ads is one of the most popular platforms to advertise your product and services in the online world. It has a lot of potentials to bring new customers and leads for your business. However, sometimes we make some mistake in our Google ads account that’s why we didn’t get results that we are expecting and exhausted our budget.

Here we are sharing some of the most common mistakes that can cost you more money without giving you any good result.

1. Negative Keywords: Using negative keywords properly in your ads will make sure that you will get only targeted clicks on your ads. Negative keywords are the keywords which prevent our ads from showing in Google when a specific word or phrase will appear in our keyword.

For example, if I am running an ad for the interior designing company, then I don’t want people who are interested in jobs, ppt, images, etc. So, I can add them as negative keywords in my campaign and ad groups. After that, if anyone searches for the interior designing company, then I will appear in the Google ads, but if someone searches for interior designing company images, jobs in the interior designing company and ppt of the interior designing company, then my ads will not appear in the SERPs.

2. Bid Adjustment: As we know more people nowadays are using mobile phones. So, it’s not a good idea to use the same bid cost for all the devices. You can increase your bid cost for mobile devices to show your ads higher than your competitors and if you know that you have a location which is more important than other locations, then you can also increase bid for that location using bid adjustment tool in Google ads.

3. Not using Ad Extensions: So many Google ads are not using ad extensions in their ads. Using these ad extensions make your ad more appealing and relevant. Make sure to use as much ad extension you can use in your ads. This will improve your click-through rate and also help you to increase your conversions.

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4. GEO Targeting: By default in Google ads location is selected as “people in your targeted location and People who show interest in your targeted location.”

Now if you select Delhi for your ads and don’t want to show your ads outside Delhi, then you must choose the option in location setting “People who are in your targeted location.” If you use Google default option, then it will show your ads outside Delhi when someone searches for your product and services using “Delhi” in keywords.

For example, let’s say you sell fashion, and you only deliver to people who are in Delhi, and you want to show your ads just for Delhi people but when you use Google default setting then if someone in Jaipur search for fashion clothes in Delhi then they can see your ads. But, as you can’t deliver your product to them, you lose a sale and cost for that click. So, make sure properly using GEO targeting in Google Ads.

5. Not using ad experiments: The ad experiment feature of Google ads is very useful to check what can work for your ads.

You can run experiments to see what works best for your business. For example, you can use different ad copies, different landing pages, keywords and bid adjustments, etc.

You can also decide on the specific amount of traffic you want to direct to each experiment, which means you can limit the risks and the potential for rewards are much higher.

6. Sending traffic to the homepage: If you are sending your ads traffic to your home page, then you are making a huge mistake because people who search in Google and click on your ad want to see the same thing on your website. If you drive that traffic to your homepage, then they have all the options that your website offers. But, as they want to see only the particular product they can leave your site even without scrolling to your services or product section.

So you need to make sure that you will drive traffic to a specific landing page using Google ads which clearly show everything about that product or services, by doing this you can convert more people.

7. Poor keyword research and selection: Another mistake that people do while running their ads on Google is selecting the wrong keywords. Keyword research is important when you start your Google ads, and you will not get results from the keywords which you think are the best. You should use a keyword tool to know if people are searching for those keywords or not.

Another thing that you should keep in mind while selecting the keyword is looking at their competition.

If a keyword has a lot of competition, then it is better to find the alternative. Because when you run ads on those keywords, you have to compete with big brands that are doing marketing for their business for years and built trust in the market.

If you start your Google ads with these highly competitive keywords, then there might be two cases one is you will not appear on the first page of the Google for these keywords, and other is you will exhaust your daily budget more quickly.

8. Not using your brand keywords: Bidding on your brand keyword will ensure that people will find you when they search for your business. Some of the marketers think that this is not an effective move but results tell a completely different story.

9. Adding all keywords in a single group: Some of the campaigns that I have seen add all the keywords in a single ad group, and after that, they think why their quality score is poor, and their ads are not showing in the search results.

This is not a good practice; you should segment your keywords in ad groups and use relevant keywords in the relevant ad group by doing so you can ensure a good quality score.

10. Not checking search terms regularly: People forget about regular optimizing their ads in Google. They think creating an ad once is enough, but this is not true because you should optimize your ads regularly to make most out of your Search Ads. One of the most important thing that you should do while optimizing your ads is look at the search terms and select keywords and words which have no mean. Add these keywords as negative keywords. This will ensure that you will not get any irrelevant clicks anymore.

These are some of the most common and costly mistakes that people do while advertising on Google. Look at your search ads. Are you making any of these mistakes in your ads? Then make a change to correct these mistakes.

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