What is a backlink?

A backlink is a link for your website from any other website. You can read more about backlink on wikipedia. Now here you can see a link to wikipedia that I have linked for you to know more about backlink, this is a backlink from my website to wikipedia website.

Types of Backlinks

There are two types of backlinks first is known as Do-follow link and other one is known as No-follow link.

Do-follow link:

This is a backlink that pass link juice to your website. Mean if a search engine crawler or spider visit the website from where you have got this backlink then search engine crawler will also come to your website while following the link that appear on that website. That’s why it is called do-follow backlink.

No-follow link:

No-follow backlink will not pass any link juice to your website. But, they redirect users from another website to your website. This type of links are not followed by spiders on any webpages.

What Type of Links you should generate?

Lots of people think that generating only do-follow link is a best practice in SEO. But that’s not true. Because both of the backlinks have their own importance. Do-follow links will pass link juice to rank your website better in search engine on the other hand if you got a no-follow link from a reputed or trusted website, then it can generate a lot of traffic for your website. That’s why we should always keep both type of links in our SEO campaign.

Before starting this guide, I want to tell you that Off-page SEO is the second priority to get your website ranked in search engine. Yes, backlinks are important in for a successful SEO campaign, but you need a well optimized website to get the results from the Off-page SEO. We have covered on-page SEO in another article with tips on how to rank your website in search engine.

How to generate backlinks for your SEO campaign?

There are lots of ways to generate backlinks for your website and many guide to tell you how to get these links. But, here I will cover basics and advance both strategy to generate high quality back-links for your website.

Let’s start from simplest way.

#1 Social Bookmarking – Yes, it is true you can generate high DA & PA backlinks from social bookmarking website. Just go on these website register yourself and share valuable content or article links of your website to generate links for your website.

#2 Classfied Ads Submission – Classified submission is another great and simple way to generate links for your website. Just share your product and services with title, description and tags on these sites.

#3 Document Sharing: Create a PDF or PPT document for your website, product and business and share them on sites like slideshare.netwww.scribd.com, www.powershow.com, etc.

#4 Article Submission: Write high quality article for your product and services and share those on high DA websites. If your article will approve you will get really high quality backlinks from these websites. Websites to share your articles are – ezinearticles.com, sooperarticles.comwww.articlesfactory.com etc.

#5 Image Submission: Share your business product pictures on image submission sites or share your project pictures, infographics etc. Sites to share your images are – pinterest.com, imgur.com flickr.com, etc.

#6 Video Submission: create a short and simple video about your business and describe your services and products on these sites. Share these videos on video submission websites like – youtube.com, vimeo.com, etc.

#7 Press release: Announce about  your business, product and services on PR submission websites. Share every project that you done on these sites.

#8 Question answer: Quora is one of the best question answer website. Just register yourself on quora and start helping people with your knowledge and expertise and give them a link of your website to choose your services.

#9 Web 2.0: Web 2.0 is also good for getting quality backlinks for your website. Because they give you high PA and DA links. Create your account on these website and start sharing your website posts and other stuff on these sites also.

#10 Blogging: Start blogging on websites like wordpress.com or blogspot.com. This will also help you to get more traffic and ranking for your website.

#11 Guest Posting: Start doing guest posting on the website that offer guest posting for users. These is one of the best source to get links for your website from unique and high authoritative websites.

Now the last but not least thing that you should do for a successful SEO campaign is analyzing your competitors. Check from where they got links, how they got links from these websites, try to generate links for your website also from these sites and also get links for your website from other website. Because if you want to beat your competition then you have to do something that they are doing and also what they are missing.

Aakash Dobraiyal
Aakash Dobraiyal
Aakash is a Senior SEO consultant at AbTeg India. He has more more than 10 years of experience in SEO & Digital Marketing Industry. His knowledge and experienced helped many business to generate leads and sales.

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