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Why you should Choose PPC Ads for Your Business?

More people nowadays shifting to PPC ads, because it drive targeted traffic to your website from the starting of the PPC campaign. But, there are lots of other benefits hidden in Pay per click ads, here we are sharing some Pay Per Click stats, that you don’t know about. These stats are enough to convince you to shift your marketing budget on PPC Ads to boost your business ROI and increase your leads and sales.

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#1 Conversion:

PPC traffic have 50% more conversion than organic traffic. Because it is highly targeted traffic, this traffic is in your buying persona and ready to buy product and services from your website.

#2 Local Traffic:

Local traffic converts well, because nowadays people are looking for the near by businesses to purchase products and avail services. That’s why 36% of total searches have local intent while searching product and services on search engines.

#3 Top 4 matters:

Almost 41% of total search traffic goes to the top 4 ads that are showing in the search engines. That’s why it is important to have a spot in the top 4.

#4 More than 90% Traffic:

More than 90% traffic of clicks on the top 4 ads. Means if a keyword have 1000 clicks a day then 90% of 41% of these traffic click on the top 4 ads. For better understanding, lets say you have a ads on the top position then it will get more than 90% click but if you are on the bottom ads then you will get only 10% clicks.

#5 Commercial Intent:

65% of total searches have commercial intent. Means they are already in the buying position.

#6 Mobile users:

More than 80% of mobile users search for a local business.

#7 Business want to increase PPC budget:

More than 40% of business want to increase their PPC budget. This shows that there is a huge opportunity that’s why their want to increase their budget.

#8 Most Popular PPC platform:

Google, Facebook and Mobile Ads are the best and most popular PPC platform to run your Pay Per Click Ads.

#9 Branding:

Appearing in Top Results in the search ads can increase your brand awareness by 40%.

Now, you can understand why people choose PPC to invest their money and time to generate leads and sales for their business. If you are also looking to start your Pay Per Click Marketing -then get in touch with AbTeg India. We are a leading PPC Marketing Company in Delhi, India.

Aakash Dobraiyal
Aakash Dobraiyal
Aakash is a Senior SEO consultant at AbTeg India. He has more more than 10 years of experience in SEO & Digital Marketing Industry. His knowledge and experienced helped many business to generate leads and sales.

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